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Vintage Brands

In the foreground an old typewriter that wrote the text "What is your story?".

Swiss Vintage Watch Brands for Sale

SWB specializes in the purchase and sale of discontinued and abandoned Swiss watch brands. These vintage brands are historically and legally prepared in such a way that our clients can successfully reintroduce and revive them in the market. 


If you want to buy a dormant Swiss watch brand, a "Sleeping Beauty" waiting to be awakened, SWB is the right partner for you.

What's your Story?

Some brands enjoy recognition in watch books, through auctions at prestigious auction houses or even through their presence in museums. Other watch brands are almost forgotten although by their history they deserve to be recognized as well for a broader audience. The heritage of your vintage brand will boost your business, driven by the visible past on platforms for watches. You are able to tell a story of your historical Swiss watch brand.


SWB provides all available information, such as the former brand core, market positioning and the sometimes difficult to research but often surprisingly exciting brand history. The historical background of these old watches brings new joy to the owners of second-hand watches. As a result, they often become new customers for a reissued former watch model. In this way, you enable new insights into your old watches and strengthen the image of your brand at the same time. You can provide background information on your brand and offer services for the watches. The life extension of these second-hand watches gives the owners new joy and often they also become customers for your new watches. 

You therefore benefit not only from the primary market for your new retro-style watches but at the same time from the rapidly growing second-hand market and its advantages. 


The Power of the Past  is not only beneficial for your company, but also for the environment.

Power of Past

Sleeping Vintage Brands

Reviving a sleeping or dormant vintage watch brand generally provides an easier entry into the watch business than a watch brand established from scratch.


The upward trend in the market for second-hand watches, driven by sustainability, is also accelerating the upward trend of lesser-known vintage brands and their watches. What may be a lesser-known watch brand today may be a well-known brand with high recognition value tomorrow. After all, when a dormant brand is revived, its previously almost forgotten brand history comes back into the consciousness of a wider public, and its watches produced in the past become more desirable again as a result.

Learn more about if you are an entrepreneur, investor or just a watch lover.

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